Greek Cypriots Opened the Lokmacı Gate, which was Closed by Anastasiadis

The iron barricades at the entrance and exit control points which are at the entrance of the Lokmacı Gate that was closed after the decision of the Republic of Cyprus, were destroyed by Greek Cypriot activists. 

Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots Protest on Both Sides of the Barricade

The protests are taken place against the decision on both sides of the Lokmacı Gate, which is one of the 4 doors closed unilaterally by the Republic of Cyprus. Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot activists protesting the closing of the Lokmacı Gate, opened the barricade.

Despite the police resistance, the Lokmacı Gate was opened by Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot activists. The activists continue their protests to keep the Lokmacı Gate open.

The activists, whose number is around 500, have shouted slogans “Peace cannot be prevented in Cyprus” in both languages.

One of the most striking points was the statements of some activists that peoples will establish peace in Cyprus.

People cannot be Held Responsible of the Savings of Hegemony

This action, which increased the hopes for the unification of Cyprus, pointed out that the chauvinist Republic of Cyprus authorities should be set apart from the Greek Cypriot people.

The demolish of the barricade: