Women Shout Out Their Demands in 4 Regions on March 8

Women were on the streets in Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia and Omorfo on March 8, World Working Women’s Day. During the marches, the demand for women’s shelter against violence, attracted the attention. Also there was an emphasis on equality and the importance of being organized.

Nicosia: Hungry for Equality Full for Exploitation!

In Nicosia, the slogan of “Hungry for Equality, Full for Exploitation” used during the March 8 march. With the call of the 8 March Organization Committee, the protesters gathered in front of the parliament would march to the Ministry of Labor. A press of statement was also read on behalf of Baraka Kültür Merkezi (Baraka Cultural Center), Bağımsızlık Yolu (Independence Path) and Kadın Eğitimi Kolektifi (Women’s Education Collective). The demands in the statement are following: reorganization of the minimum wage law, increasing the social welfare salary, opening public nursery and study centers, providing legal job security for women in the private sector, opening a women’s shelter against violence in each region, providing free and equipped health services to women, pave the way for the Gender Adjustment Operation in public hospitals and closing the existing night clubs and judging people who get unearned income through the women employed here.

Omorfo: Woman Labour Freedom – State Duty, Women Shelter against Violence

In Omorfo, there was a march from the Güzelyurt Terminal to the Covered Bazaar with the organization of organized structures in the region. “Woman Labour Freedom and State Duty, Women Shelter against Violence” slogans shouted out. In the press of statement, it was emphasized that there is no women shelter against violence in the region,emphasizing the increasing number of violence against women in the region, and the demand for opening a women shelter against violence in the region was brought to the agenda. In addition, trying to get commercialized from the context of labour on March 8 was criticized, emphasizing the invisible labor of the woman. Organizations consisting ofGÜS-DEP (Akder, Avsad, Dördüncü Duvar, Gasad-Seçder, Güsad, Kayder), METU, METU Campus-SEN, Independence Path Omorfo and METU SDT organized the march.

Kyrenia: We Are Not Silenced, We Are Not Afraid – We Do Not Obey!

In Kyrenia, the march that took place with the organization of the Independence Path Kyrenia, with the slogan “We Are Not Silenced, We Are Not Afraid – We Do Not Obey!” was carried out starting from the old Kyrenia Municipality to the Yacht Marina. In the press of statement, prohibition of non-union employment, increasing employment opportunities for women, preventing women from being mobbed and dismissed during pregnancy, demands of public nursery and public soup-kitchen,closing night clubs, the government to take measures against violence against women and women murders, opening of a women shelter against violence in Kyrenia region and March 8 to be accepted as a public holiday demands have been voiced. 

Famagusta: Equal Stance for the Active World

In Famagusta, the march, which was held with the call of the 8 March Famagusta Organization Committee, continued from the EMU Circle to the Sulu Circle. The press statement read during the march with the slogan “Equal Stance for the Active World” emphasized violence and labour exploitation against women. The demands in the statement are following: A women shelter against violence for every city, public free nursery and study services, prohibition of non-union employment, extension of the father’s leave in maternity leave, closing night clubs, creating egalitarian education curricula based on human rights instead of sexist and heterosexist education, developing preventive laws on violence against women and murders, developing laws to prevent women from being laid off during pregnancy, defining the invisible labour as family work and securing it. The names of women killed in the north part of Cyprus were also read on the march for awareness. The organizations such as MAKAMER, Larnaca Women’s Union Association, Geçitkale Women’s Union Association, Yeniboğaziçi Women’s Union Association, Famagusta Culture Association, Akova Women’s Association, TRNC Girl Scout Organization Association, Akdoğan Fikir Sanat Atölyesi (Akdoğan Idea Art Workshop) EMU Beşiktaş Club and Independence Path Famagusta signed the press of statement and the organization of the march.