Fascists In The South Exhilarated Their Brothers In The North

Fascism arisen with ELAM in the south, by the help of political parties targeting the nationalist votes giving way, has passed the decision of “Enosis referendum being memorialised” from the Parliament. This success of fascists in the south also exhilarated chauvinist and reactionary groups in the north.
Firstly, an ultraconservative group called “Kıbrıs Ak Ocaklar”, made a Taksim (Partition) call by taking the advantage of the decision made regarding the Enosis in the south.
Kıbrıs Ak Ocaklar advocated the idea that, looking for ways to be united with Anatolia, as a response to the decision made by the Parliament in the south, is needed. Kıbrıs Ak Ocaklar, by taking the advantage of the pass made by their fascist brothers in the south, stated that “It is more advisable for us to be united with Anatolia, which is already geographically extremely close to us.”

Finally, the president of Yeniden Doğuş Partisi (YDP; a fascist political party in the north) Erhan Arıklı, has -so to speak- celebrated the decision (by the Parliament in the south) stating that “The decision of Greek Cypriot Parliament regarding the Enosis is pretty beneficial and its timing is excellent.”
Exhilaration of chauvinist and reactionary groups in the north with every step of the fascists in the south, turns increasing the fight against these two matter of facts which feed each other, into one of the revolutionist responsibilities of the era we are currently in.

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