Independence Path Members Demonstrated in Four Cities on March 8

Despite the rotting patriarchal idea that the women’s place is their home, women were on the streets of four cities in the north of Cyprus on the International Working Women’s Day, marching for their rights.

Independence Path, organised the first 8 March walk of Morphou this year, where a long cortege of activists was attracting notice with their flags, banners and slogans.

17204512_10154277391761120_202244945_nWomen walking and shouting slogans in Morphou streets with a demand of Women’s Asylum, 8 March 2017.

17274962_10154277391746120_2093940218_nThe March 8 spirit in Morphou for the first time in history, 8 March 2017.

Independence Path, also made a call for the people in Kyrenia to crowd the streets on the March 8.17200181_1841381016130689_1093007759_oIndependence Path activists before reading the press statement in Kyrenia, 8 March 2017.

A common March 8 walk organised in Famagusta. Independence Path was a part of this organisation. A crowded and cheerful cortege was produced. Women were singing songs and shouting slogans like “Women, labour, freedom” and “Long live March 8, long live common struggle”.

17204126_10154277391766120_261107241_nIndependence Path was a component of “March 8 Organisators” who organised a common march in Famagusta, 8 March 2017.

17270798_10154277391776120_1410239963_nActivists singing and shouting out slogans on a roundabout in Famagusta, 8 March 2017.

Despite the groups who are trying to dominate March 8; despite those who think that they are the feminist monopoly of the north, Independence Path was also on the streets of Nicosia.

17274894_10154277391751120_1372082485_nMembers of Independence Path carrying a banner protesting the groups who want to dominate the March 8 and trying to exclude all others who doesn’t think like them, “The March 8 Organisation Committee is living in Our Heart”, 8 March 2017.

International Working Women’s Day marches had been organised by  “March 8 Organisation Commitee” for years. Last year the commitee was cancelled unilaterally by a group who later announced that the marches will be organised by the new platform they established and the organisations outside of this platform can not be organisators, they can only be supporters.

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