Independence Path Urges the Government to Take Action Against the Crisis

Independence Path has announced and been campaigning for “measures against the crisis” since the begining of last month.

The Party has said, “It is obvious that the people cannot even afford basic needs given the fact that the turkish lira is losing value against foreign currencies. In this case the government is responsible for taking necessary steps to provide relief for the people.”

Independence Path urged the government to immediately put forward the following measures:
As the people, our demands against the economic crisis are as follows:
1- Rent contracts must be with Turkish Lira rather than foreign currency such as British Pounds. A ceiling price must be applied for square meter in all contracts.
2- The real estate income tax that the citizens pay for the house they live in, must be abolished. This tax should only be continued for the second, third or more houses owned.
3- For residential buildings, basic electricity consumption must be free of charge untill 0-250 kWh.
4- The price raise to the kitchen gas should be taken back and no further price raises must brought to the agenda until the crisis is over.
5- In public schools, any payment requested from students must be removed and public schools must be completely free.
6- Given the situation that the provision of public education is diminished, private school payments must be regulated to be only in Turkish Liras.
7- Ensure that every worker can benefit from public health services.
8- The government should pay for the increase in primary health expenditures affected by foreign exchange.
9- Double interest calculation must be abolished. People should only be responsible to pay interest until July and all writ of posession actions must be halted until the end of the crisis.
10- Postpone the debts of small producers, artisans and tradesmen and issue tax amnesty.
11- Import of all the goods produces in the domestic market must be added funds, and these funds must be transferred to the local producer.
12- It must be compulsory for hotels to purchase all kinds of goods from domestic market with the priority being for local goods.
13- Minimum wage must be fixed to lowest wage of a public sector employee. Public transportation to and back from work must be reimbursed by the employers.
14- Trade Union membership should be compulsory at work places with more than ten employees.
15- Until the unemployement is passed, no new work permits should be given out, except specialized areas.

Independence Path has also put together a “we’re all in the same boat” sacrifice list for the ultra rich.
It is said that the government is only expecting the people to sacrifice but not the ultra rich and this is creating injustice. However the Party said, these are the ones who actually has the most means to sacrifice. So here is the “harsh recipe” for the ultra rich:
1- 5% capital cut of the construction companies who’s made an avarage of yearly sales of more than 10 houses in the last 3 years.
2- 5% capital cut of those who own immovable property worth more than 5 million Turkish Liras and this should be put in a fund for social housing.
3- 5% capital cut of owners of private schools and put into a fund for bettering public schools.
4- 5% capital cut of car sellers who’s made an avarage of yearly 30 or more sales in the last 3 years.
5- As of September 2018, all private vehichles worth more than 200.000 Turkish Liras should be taxed 5% extra and this should be transferred into a fund for public transportation.
6- 5% of the capital of owners of land bigger than 1000 donums or more than 1000 animals should be transferred into a fund for small size producers.
7- 5% of the capital of owners of supermarket chains with 3 or more branches or 50 or more workers should be transferred into the price stability fund.
8- Cuts should be made from savings in the banks: 5% from 10-25 millon TL ; 10% from 25-100 million TL; and 15% from 100 million TL and more. This should be transferred into funds for social welfare and public infrastracture investments.
9- 5% of the capital of owners of five-star hotels should be transferred into local producers incentive fund.
10- 5% of the capital of owners of private hospitals should be transferred into the public health budget.
11- The electricity discounts for big hotels and dormitories should be abolished and they should be charged from the regular tariff.

Translation: Independence Path External Relations Committee (Şenel Kim – Cemre İpçiler)

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